The word cloud above was generated by attendees at a symposium I facilitated. The topic was community transformation around food systems – including issues of poverty, health, nutrition, justice, sovereignty – and how our various relationships define, regulate, and potentially expand our world views.

I would say that pretty much sums me up. Words. Relationships. Food as a tool of social and political transformation. My frames tend to be literary, cultural, and environmental, not necessarily in that order.

I care a lot. Some might say too much. I care about the very personal things of my own life (my kids, primarily) but care equally about how ‘caring’ manifests in the world, how it defines our relationships and beliefs.

I’m interested in ideas, big and small, sometimes have trouble telling the difference.

I’m interested in books, writing them and reading them and exploring all the ways and reasons that they exist.

I’m interested in plants, growing them and eating them and worrying over their continued existence.

I’m interested in craft, literally the work of hands in labor and creation, but also as it relates to concepts and values around skill and capital and movement and leadership and ability and education and culture, and how all those things relate to the negative connotation of the term as in “crafty” – cunning, deceitful, corrupt – which is, as I write this, rocking the foundation of our political system, our relationship with knowledge, and our human dignity.