Getting Somewhere – named by The Advocate magazine as one of Five Great Overlooked Books of 2012!
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Excerpt from Getting Somewhere
“She needs to be the first one off, can’t stand the waiting one second longer.

Even as the bus slows to make its wide turn into the gravel driveway, Jenna is scooting to the edge of the worn seat, her seen-better-days backpack strap looped over her elbow. The others are stirring in their seats as well but she doesn’t care. She will push them out of the way if she has to.”


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“This is the anticipation stage – my part of writing the novel is done and it’s all up to the publisher now. It’s the time when the book is poised to join the ranks of thousands of others competing for bookshelf space and I have no idea how it will measure up …”


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“I am a former organic vegetable farmer who lives in southwestern Michigan and enjoys setting my novels in the rural and small town environment in which I live. My first novel, Getting Somewhere (Viking/Penquin – release date Jan. 19, 2012) is the story of four very different girls who serve juvenile crime sentences in an alternative detention program located – guess where? – on an organic farm. When I am not writing, I like to garden, read, play the guitar and…”

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